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Don's Dairy Supply, In349 Roses Brook Rd, South Kortright,  NY 13842 

349 Roses Brook Road, South Kortright, NY 13842

Current Used List

Get ‘em while their hot!!

1-Old pipeline Boumatic control panel
5– BouMatic FloStar Claws w/ Shutoffs

20– BouMatic FloStar Claws w/out Shutoffs

8– BouMatic Pulsators

1– DeLaval Tank Washer Control

1- BouMatic Companion Detacher

 New Equipment

1 2900 Miraco Waterer

2 2800 Miraco Waterer

Portable Vacuum Pumps with Bucket Milkers

24” and 36” Basket Fans

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We also have new and used creamery equipment, call to see what's available. 

Currently have a 6-head filler.