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Don's Dairy Supply, In349 Roses Brook Rd, South Kortright,  NY 13842 

349 Roses Brook Road, South Kortright, NY 13842

Container Milking Parlors, Milk Plants & Processing Rooms!

Containers make great movable barns, milking parlors, milk houses & plants!

Don's specializes in all types of container projects to fit your farming needs! 

· Custom built to meet your state’s requirements!

· Same interior as a building: concrete floor, stainless drains, PVC paneling walls & ceiling

· Filtered air flow for clean, sanitary air on-farm

· Unit’s in several states across the US...and counting

· Durable and tough with little maintenance required

· Less expense at start-up, a great starting point for new businesses

· Eco-friendly, re-used containers and less carbon foot-print

· Portable-great for a rented property, not taxed as a new building

· Can be re-sold as a complete unit

· Easier to clean than a large plant

- Containers come in 20, 40 and 45 Ft sizes


**Click on images to see them in full size.**
Many of our containers each have their own video tour which can be seen on our YouTube page: Click Here

20 Ft Processing Container
With a 100 Gallon Anco Vat, Tube Cooler, Bottle Filler & Capper, Triple Bay Sink, On-Demand Hot Water Heater, Variable Speed Stainless Pump, HEPA Filtered Air Intake, Exhaust Fan, & Heater

Goat Parlor & Milk House

Milking Barn & Milk House for Raw Milk Sales

A 20 Ft. container transformed into a two room milking barn with a milking station room and milk house. This container features an entry door, four windows and two storm doors. The floor is epoxy throughout with floor drains and rubber mats in the milking room.

The milk house contains a utility sink, hand sink, hot water heater and small bulk tank. Full electric service and plumbing is complete with LED lighting and FRP white board throughout the ceiling and walls. This container produces and processes raw milk on a small farm in NH.

Many of our processing customers use Micro Dairy Designs or Anco Equipment for their pasteurizers and milk processing needs! 

Gallery of Container Transformations! 

Each unit is custom made for our customers needs! Call us to discuss your ideas!

Starting a creamery and don't know where to start? Start here!

These are a few helpful guides for starting your own creamery. 

Many states have their own guidelines as well, but if your state doesn't, these are still helpful resources!

Don's Creamery Planning Helpful Questions

Michigan Milk Producer Processors Guidelines

Maryland On-Farm Processors Guide

Penn State Guideline for Value Added Products

Need more help, give us a call and we will be happy to help!


Don's restored 1947 Divco Milk Truck he found in the weeds and gave it a new life!